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Christa Coates

Christa Coates

Financial Planner

 “An experienced team can help you realize your dreams.”

Most of us are so busy, we cannot identify what we want to do if we didn’t have to work 40-60 hours a week. There is no way to fulfill your dreams if you don’t know what they are and what they really mean. It won’t just happen, it takes planning and doing. My point is, first you need to know what your goals are, what you want to save money for, or spend money on.

My Vision is to help people afford a secure retirement, and figure out what they need to do now, so that their happiness isn’t abruptly interrupted. In a business, we hire a coach to help us grow, to make our business more profitable. In a similar way, when someone hires my team, they do so to identify those goals and I act as their coach to make it happen.

I also work with other professionals who can give support to my clients, in the other areas that they need, such as an accountant, an attorney or a realtor, or another Financial Planner who specializes in an area that I do not. Together, we use the services of a team of professionals to help complete the client’s overall needs and accomplish their dreams.

In other words: “An experienced team can help you realize your dreams.”